My trusty Land Rover Series111 88 … but even the indestructible or seemingly so can let you down. On a vehicle like this where the mechanics are still mechanics and not bristling with engine sensors and complicated electronics it’s usually not such a big deal to get out of mechanical trouble so long as you have some basic knowledge and good spanner set at the ready ( gaffer tape and WD40 also helps)

However what would you do if your stranded? would you know how to use the vehicle as a survival tool? Yes we hope that your prepared and there is a good survival kit on board, plenty of water and some food, a medical kit,blankets or sleeping bag for the cold of night or to make shade in the heat of day.

If your interested to learn more then watch this space for details as in 2017 we will be teaming up with a well known expeditions vehicle expert, mechanic and off road driving instructor for a series of ” Off Road Survival ” weekends.