Hammock or Tent?

For those of us who have always used a tent, like myself from my Scouting years on through family camping holidays and expeditions the idea of using a hammock for anything other than a day lazing in the sunshine near a beach was a bit alien.

Even though my one man tent weighs very little it still requires space either in the rucksack or slung on top & lets be hones when it’s pitched theres not a lot of room for my other kit & it’s a bit like sleeping in a coffin.

I took the plunge this summer and acquired a basic hammock and tarp from “Ticket to the Moon” why this make? no other reason than it was there when i was looking to buy.

The first thing i realized was how chilly it can get hanging in the air! so I added a basic sleeping mat as an insulating layer, so far so good. However as the hammock is only a single the sides are a little low & me being a good 6ft tall the evening breeze and or a windy night can get at you, i will purchase a double hammock for next spring, the extra width means higher sides and thus better protection from the elements.

Que the tarp… getting the hight right was a bit trial and error but not rocket science & the “TTTM” tarp comes with handy hooks on the ridge line to hang kit from.

What i really appreciate is the absence of condensation in the mornings, one of the things i hate with tents, no matter how expensive they are or how good they claim to be breathable , my experience is that there is always a fine layer of damp .. everywhere.

To be honest I don’t see me going back to a tent, I have never had such a good nights sleep in the outdoors as I have had in the hammock… yea yea I know you need trees or a similar anchor … but as opposed to rolling around on uneven ground I’ll take hanging in the air any day.