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Welcome to a new blog on the subject of survival the skills and the tools to help you.

in conjunction with the online shop “” where you can purchase quality kit at outstanding prices we will present a series of kit reviews and special offers.

Expect the unexpected, be prepared …. would you like to learn some basic skills that might just get you out of trouble, keep you alive, get you noticed and rescued?

We will be offering a series of basic courses in the East of Switzerland from early 2017.

A 1 day introduction and basic training.

A 2 day skills training weekend where you get to put it into practice, spend a night out doors and get a feel for the challenges & a test of backwoods cooking.

We will be organizing special lectures with guest speakers on subjects such as:                         ” Urban SERE” (Survive/Escape/Resist/Evade).                                                                                        ” Bush Mechanics ” (off road and vehicle preparation) .

Stay tuned

Stay Safe

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