Survival Zone TV

2017 and to kick it off we have put up a You Tube channel.

Yes it’s Survival Zone Switzerland

this is where you go ..

First episodes – A review of the gear pods frontier set , 4 knives incl the Lofty Wiseman tool in review.

New episodes about fire lighting …

Tune in


Hammock or Tent?

Hammock or Tent?

For those of us who have always used a tent, like myself from my Scouting years on through family camping holidays and expeditions the idea of using a hammock for anything other than a day lazing in the sunshine near a beach was a bit alien.

Even though my one man tent weighs very little it still requires space either in the rucksack or slung on top & lets be hones when it’s pitched theres not a lot of room for my other kit & it’s a bit like sleeping in a coffin.

I took the plunge this summer and acquired a basic hammock and tarp from “Ticket to the Moon” why this make? no other reason than it was there when i was looking to buy.

The first thing i realized was how chilly it can get hanging in the air! so I added a basic sleeping mat as an insulating layer, so far so good. However as the hammock is only a single the sides are a little low & me being a good 6ft tall the evening breeze and or a windy night can get at you, i will purchase a double hammock for next spring, the extra width means higher sides and thus better protection from the elements.

Que the tarp… getting the hight right was a bit trial and error but not rocket science & the “TTTM” tarp comes with handy hooks on the ridge line to hang kit from.

What i really appreciate is the absence of condensation in the mornings, one of the things i hate with tents, no matter how expensive they are or how good they claim to be breathable , my experience is that there is always a fine layer of damp .. everywhere.

To be honest I don’t see me going back to a tent, I have never had such a good nights sleep in the outdoors as I have had in the hammock… yea yea I know you need trees or a similar anchor … but as opposed to rolling around on uneven ground I’ll take hanging in the air any day.




Survival P-L-A-N

Do you have one?

P-L-A-N                                                                                                                                                                      Protection/Location/Aquisition/Navigation

Welcome to a new blog on the subject of survival the skills and the tools to help you.

in conjunction with the online shop “” where you can purchase quality kit at outstanding prices we will present a series of kit reviews and special offers.

Expect the unexpected, be prepared …. would you like to learn some basic skills that might just get you out of trouble, keep you alive, get you noticed and rescued?

We will be offering a series of basic courses in the East of Switzerland from early 2017.

A 1 day introduction and basic training.

A 2 day skills training weekend where you get to put it into practice, spend a night out doors and get a feel for the challenges & a test of backwoods cooking.

We will be organizing special lectures with guest speakers on subjects such as:                         ” Urban SERE” (Survive/Escape/Resist/Evade).                                                                                        ” Bush Mechanics ” (off road and vehicle preparation) .

Stay tuned

Stay Safe

Survival Zone

Hail & Welcome!

Welcome to the Survival Zone blog.

Let’s start a fire …

Here you will find details about the courses in 2017, reviews of equipment & kit & links to relevant articles on the subject of survival & bushcraft.

In conjunction with we will present their range of products available from their online store & special offers.

We are open to suggestion, new ideas and contributions so please feel free to contact us.


Featured post

Lofty Wiseman Survival tool

Coming up an in depth review of this awesome piece of kit from the legendary SAS survival instructor John Lofty Wiseman.


Stay tuned …

Vehicle Survival/ Bush Mechanics

My trusty Land Rover Series111 88 … but even the indestructible or seemingly so can let you down. On a vehicle like this where the mechanics are still mechanics and not bristling with engine sensors and complicated electronics it’s usually not such a big deal to get out of mechanical trouble so long as you have some basic knowledge and good spanner set at the ready ( gaffer tape and WD40 also helps)

However what would you do if your stranded? would you know how to use the vehicle as a survival tool? Yes we hope that your prepared and there is a good survival kit on board, plenty of water and some food, a medical kit,blankets or sleeping bag for the cold of night or to make shade in the heat of day.

If your interested to learn more then watch this space for details as in 2017 we will be teaming up with a well known expeditions vehicle expert, mechanic and off road driving instructor for a series of ” Off Road Survival ” weekends.



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